A Day Off

Ahh. A day off. There is something so amazing about the feeling of a day off. It’s the feeling that you don’t have anything that you HAVE to do today. You can sleep until noon. You can eat whenever you want. You can binge Game of Thrones. Hell, you can even walk around naked.

While most people’s weekends begin on Friday, mine are on Thursdays. I have found a new job, but a more interesting one as well. I have managed to work at a place that splits the week in half and that is what you work; the front end of the week, Sunday through Wednesday, or the back end of the week, Wednesday through Saturday. Any way, I work Sunday through Wednesday and start the weekend early.

Today on my lovely first day off, I woke up at 9 and took my boy, Charlie, outside. We ate breakfast and moved to the couch for some play time and cuddles. There is something so calming about knowing that someone depends on you to be there for them and being the center of their world. On our next activity, Stephanie and I headed for a few errands in Marion. We stopped at my bank and cashed some checks, and then headed to Steph’s bank to cash some checks. When Steph and I got home, we sat back down on the couches, and turned on Say Yes to the Dress. We have been watching it since we got home and I’ve never been so relaxed this week. Things couldn’t have been worse at work and I just needed that time.

But when you’ve been desperately searching for some kind of routine in your life, you’ll take whatever is thrown at you. I take the days where I can sit down and actually enjoy life, but I also take the crazy nights with my friends where I regret my decisions the next day. I don’t believe that there is anything wrong with regretting decisions, as long as I can enjoy life.

Today, I enjoyed the relaxing part of my life. Tomorrow may be a different story.


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